Monday 4 March 2019

Conflicts In Africa - Know About Hidden Issues

Conflicts In Africa
After taking an overview of African history, we can get an idea about various conflicts in Africa. Most of the conflicts in Africa were due to the continent and associated islands. We can also get an idea that the Africans have fought lots of wars. Some wars were fought between the African nations and there were also some fights that were fought against other countries. These wars have created lots of global conflicts in Africa. Here, experts of dissertation writing services UK will discuss some major conflicts in Africa.

The first and the most important conflict in Africa is Lake Chad Basin. Lake Chad Basin is located in West Africa. In 2016, we can see the world’s adverse crisis in this era. Anyhow, we can observe some changes in 2017 and 2018. According to a survey, it is expected that more than 17 million people are still impacted in the Lake Chad Basin. There is an alarming situation in the Lake Chad Basin because, in these 17 million people, there are 10 million people who are still in need of humanitarian aids. In 2018, most of the food organizations have provided food to these people but now, they are facing healthcare issues.

There are also some conflicts between the DRC and the Central African Republic. Due to these conflicts, Africa is facing some food shelter and protection issues. According to a report of CARE international, more than 4 million Congo residents are displaced and now, they are getting refuge in their neighbouring countries. Moreover, it is also expected that more than 7.5 million people don’t have enough food to eat. According to a report, the number of IDPs is also increasing day by day.

There is great violence in central and Northern Mali. Due to this violence, Mali is able to get the attention of the international community. According to the International NGO Safety Organization, they have reported almost 2500 incidents of robbery and intimidation in Mali. This kind of alarming situation has created lots of safety concerns in Mali. That’s why all the members of the international staff are also shifted to the capital of Bamako. The government is not taking a keen interest in order to improve the security issues in these areas. As a result, the local residents of Mali have created their own alliance's armed groups.

The Egypt, Libya and Sudan are also facing conflicts. Some essential conflicts in Egypt are Sinai insurgency that started in 2011, Egyptian protests, political violence in Egypt that started in 2013, and insurgency in Egypt that started in 2013. After Egypt, there comes Libya. In Libya, we can also see lots of conflicts. In these conflicts, there come Canadian-Libya conflicts and Chadian-Libyan conflicts. Now, there come conflicts in Sudan. Some ongoing conflicts of Sudan are Lord’s Resistance Army Insurgency, War in Darfur, Ethnic Violence in South Sudan, and South Sudanese Civil War.

Due to these conflicts, Africa is facing lots of economic and political problems. Moreover, Africa is not able to get progress in an effective way.


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