Tuesday 2 July 2013

Launch of Microsoft Office iOS is a Big News

Microsoft Office iOS
Microsoft has finally their Office suite for iSO devices. US is the first country who got the app. It requires Office 365 subscription to use the app. Microsoft office mobile is the official partner with iPhone. It allows user to access to their office files any where any time. And if they want to make some changes in their documents they can easily do editing as they do in their laptops. Whether the file is of Microsoft word, Microsoft excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.


  • The documents look totally original, because of the fine graphics. 
  • Charts are 3D. 
  • Animations, Shapes and smart art graphics make the document look original. 
  • The content remains intact when you do editing to your document which is a big advantage. 
  • This is a most beneficial feature of Microsoft Office, that user can access their documents from Microsoft’s SkyDrive, sharePoint services and SkyDrive Pro. You can get your documents or file from your email or recent opened or viewed documents in your personal computers.

Why Office for iPhone only? Why not for iPad users?
They claim that the users of Apple Tabled are well catered for the Office 365 web page that’s why they think that they don’t need this app on their Tablets. Office is the very strong revenue generator for Microsoft in last recent years. Office requires iOS 6.1 or higher which is available for iPhone 4, 4s and also for iPhone 5.

How to start with Office 365?
First of all download the app to your iPhone, and then create an account to sign in for Office 365. Afterwards you can use it as you like. Use all its features like editing or saving the changes on the support or access to your account to get your documents online.
Even when the SkyDrive or SkyDrive Pro is busy or even in the cloud, you still can access the Office and use your files and make tour work done.
This Office app is not for Android phones. If someone having Samsung Galaxy s3 he/she won’t be able to use this app.

I signed in Office 365 which I use in my iPhone 5, and I found all of my documents files, whether it was of Excel, Word or PowerPoint. It all opened and I wanted to edit some of them and I edit them on the spot. And send it to my client. I must say this is a very useful app for many of the people now a day. And when I edit the file I wanted to, any comment I made noted in a small red tab which was visible on the screen, tapping that tab allows us to share that document to someone we like and then we can see their comments on the comment bar. When I move my phone in landscape I get a view of full screen and when it’s in portrait position I get a sheet for presentation in PowerPoint.

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