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Best Universities in UK to Complete an MBA Degree

MBA Degree in UK
International MBA degrees are some of the most popular study decisions in the world. So as to help you find the business degree that most accurately fits your career interests, two of the most prestigious business school rankings within the world provide yearly lists of the business schools with great outcomes for international students. Top business schools in the United Kingdom are well represented among the best universities in the world, with most MBA courses in top 50 worldwide. According to assignment writing services, the United Kingdom provides diverse business study choices not only in London but all over the country, with degree courses taught by experienced international teachers and great industry connections.

London Business School (LBS):
Marketing itself as 'the world's most flexible', the LBS MBA is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious in world, and certainly among the best respected in Europe. You will choose whether to study over 15, 18 or 21 months. 2020 fees are set at £87,900, including flights and accommodation for the global Business experience - a week-long international trip involving site visits, workshops, panels, guest speakers and opportunities to go to local LBS alumni. LBS also offers an executive MBA and 2 other EMBAs - the EMBA global Asia and the EMBA global Americas and Europe. The previous could be a probability to check-in port, Shanghai, New York and London, while the latter involves study in London and New York.

2University Of Cambridge, Judge Business School:
At the center of Cambridge's MBA is that the global Consulting Project, throughout that teams of students undertake live consulting projects for firms around the world. Tuition fees for the 12-month regular MBA stand at £59,000. The course of study follows a 'micro to macro' pathway with four phases: team building, team leading, influence and impact, and application and relaunch. You will choose to specialize in areas like entrepreneurship, global business, energy and environment and healthcare strategies. you'll also study an executive MBA at Cambridge. it is a 20-month course delivered over 16 weekends and four week-long blocks.

University Of Oxford, Said Business School:
The University of Oxford ranks both as a number one international university in general and a top provider when it comes to MBAs. Among the highlights of its MBA programme is that the Global Opportunities and Threats: Oxford (GOTO) project, described as 'action-oriented problem-solving' that addresses a key issue facing the world today. The one-year course at Oxford's said business school costs £63,000. Alternatively, you'll opt for an executive MBA or the unique Oxford 1+1 MBA. this can be an opportunity to mix the one-year MBA with one of a select list of Masters degrees in subjects like public policy, computer science and criminology. It provides you with an opportunity to deepen your understanding of a selected specialism before undertaking the general business administration programme.

University Of Warwick, Warwick Business School:
Warwick Business School's MBA provides you with the chance to get involved in workshops on client persuasion skills, effective presentations, diversity and culture in world business, and impactful applications and interviews. The regular MBA is a 12-month course, with tuition fees of £43,950. You'll have the chance to specialize in entrepreneurship, that involves spending 500th of your time on that topic and 500th on the core MBA content. Modules include 'Innovation and ability in organizations', 'Managing in a New World', and 'Organizational behavior'. other options at Warwick embrace a distance learning MBA and an executive MBA degree (as well as distance learning and executive MBAs based at the university's London base, in the Shard).

Imperial College Business School:
Imperial's MBA includes a global experience Week, that is a highlight for many students. It's an intensive foreign trip to explore businesses in a world context. The regular MBA takes 12 months, with tuition fees of £54,500. Among the most recent class, students had an average age of 28. 43rd of students were female and 23 nationalities were represented. Students had diverse previous experience in engineering, energy, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and healthcare as well because of the traditional MBA industries of banking, finance and consulting. Other choices at Imperial embrace a weekend MBA, a biennial executive MBA and a two-year global online MBA.

The University Of Manchester, Alliance Manchester Business School:
Describing itself as 'one of the world's most practical MBAs', The University of Manchester's programme will see you taking on three consultancy projects with real clients. There are choices to check over 12, 15 or 18 months, speeding up or slowing down as you choose at certain points in the course. Tuition fees are currently £45,000. Alongside the regular MBA, Manchester offers a world part-time MBA over 18 or 24 months, that involves teaching in 3 workshops residential a year. Elective modules MBA studied at centers in Dubai, Hong Kong, Manchester, Sao Paulo, Shanghai and Singapore. Meanwhile, the Kelley-Manchester global MBA degree is delivered jointly with the US-based Kelley school of Business.

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Top Mistakes that Can Ruin a Dissertation Writing Experience

Dissertation Mistakes
Students need to work really hard and make sure they are able to write a top-quality and custom dissertation for their class after hiring dissertation writing service providers. It is up to them to put in their best efforts so that they are able to secure highest marks in their class and achieve all their personal and academic goals with help of their good education and learning. Many times it happens that students are unable to understand what dissertation writing is all about and end up making mistakes that can ruin their entire dissertation writing experience and create trouble for them in their class. Sometimes, lack of experience and writing skills can also create trouble for students and they can end up losing precious marks just due to some silly mistakes. This article is a guide for students as it helps them understand and work on eliminating top mistakes in their writing projects which can ruin their dissertation writing experience and help them do well in their class:

The first and most important thing for students to understand when writing a good critique and their dissertations is to know that this is a formal writing form and must not be taken lightly or written like an informal or casual text. It needs sufficient research, a proper format of writing and style in order to meet the teachers’ approval and get good grades. The students should know that lack of research and even inability to write well will not help them here. Lack of interest is another thing which can ruin students’ dissertation. To make sure they retain their interest and work on their dissertation with a focused mind and heart, they students must select a topic which interests them so that they are able to work on it most diligently and obtain a paper which is appreciated by their teachers.

Lack of Even Tone and Structure:
This is one mistake which most of the students make when they are working on their dissertations. Lack of interesting, experience and writing skills lead to lack of even tone and structure to the dissertation and the document is not properly balanced which does not give a very good impression to the reader. It is necessary to maintain a balance and write a paper which follows a proper structure in research, writing and main body and makes sense to the readers.

There are students who wait a long time before starting their conclusion of PhD thesis thinking that working in the last will help them do better than their class fellows. This is a totally wrong concept and it can cost them their good grades. The students must understand the extent of research that is needed for writing a dissertation and give adequate time to writing and editing the paper to avoid making mistakes and suffering from nerves and tension and when they are unable to complete the paper. The students should understand what goes into writing a good dissertation to improve on their writing skills and avoid making mistakes that can cost them their good grades and ruin their dissertation writing experience.

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5 Top Women Scientists in 2020 You Must Know About

Women Scientists in 2020
For quite a long time, ladies have made critical commitments to the field of science. They've found life-saving cures, conceived world-changing innovations, and delivered broad exploration, however much of the time their important advances are limited or dismissed. For a long time, the STEM fields have been formed by sex predispositions that avoid ladies and young ladies, past, present, and future. Inconsistent admittance to training, advancements, and authority positions have guided incalculable splendid female personalities from STEM vocations and slowed down their advancement. Despite the difficulties, inventive and steady ladies and young ladies are pushing the limits of logical information and looking for answers for complex worldwide difficulties consistently. Their work has changed how we see our reality, and their accounts have the right to be told and retold. According to an assignment help firm, the logical discoveries we get mirror the individuals who make them. The sexual orientation hole in science, innovation, and advancement mean missed ability, undiscovered revelations, and one-sided arrangements.

Science is frequently viewed as a male-overwhelmed field. In any case, these female researchers broke limits and made significant disclosures. Who are the best researchers ever? Odds are, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton or other large names presumably ring a bell — and in light of current circumstances. Those researchers made noteworthy disclosures and changed how we comprehend the world. Yet, extremely regularly, ladies have left off the program, although they've since quite a while ago made critical steps in science — remembering for periods when they were rejected from formal training and professions in the field. It was distinctly as of not long ago that female researchers have emerged from the shadows of history.

Tu Youyou:
Tu Youyou is a drug physicist whose visionary examination on intestinal sickness therapy is established in old Chinese medication. Her revelation of artemisinin, a compound that rapidly lessens the number of Plasmodium parasites in the blood of patients with intestinal sickness, has saved a huge number of lives. As a pharmacology understudy, Youyou figured out how to order therapeutic plants, separate dynamic fixings, and decide their substance structures. Right off the bat in her vocation, she went through years in the rainforests of South China, considering the overwhelming outcomes of jungle fever and antiquated clinical writings about customary Chinese medicines for the illness.

Following quite a while of examination, Youyou and her group at last found a reference to sweet wormwood, which had been utilized in China around 400 AD to treat irregular fevers, a manifestation of intestinal sickness. They removed the dynamic compound artemisinin, tried it, and distributed their discoveries. Today the World Health Organization suggests artemisinin blend treatment as the principal line of guard against intestinal sickness. "Each researcher fantasizes about accomplishing something that can help the world," says Youyou. In 2015 she and two partners were mutually granted the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, making her the main Chinese Nobel laureate of this classification and the primary Chinese lady to get a Nobel Prize in any classification. Youyou's disclosure keeps on saving lives each day. Snap here to get familiar with her remarkable work.

Marie Curie, physicist:
Marie Curie was a physicist and scientist whose radioactivity research established the framework for current atomic science, from X-beams to radiotherapy for treating disease. She was the main lady to win the Nobel Prize, and the principal individual to win two Nobel Prizes in various sciences. Curie went to college in her local Poland and got her Doctorate certificate from the University of Paris. She and her significant other Pierre found two radioactive components, polonium, and radium, she established a clinical examination foundation in Warsaw, and she imagined portable X-beam units that helped more than 1,000,000 injured fighters in World War I.

Curie was ignorant of the dangers her examination presented. She, in the long run, kicked the bucket of a radiation-related sickness, however, her disclosures keep on saving lives today. Urging us all to seek after our interests with interest and boldness, Curie stated, "Nothing in life is to be dreaded, it is just to be perceived. This is the ideal opportunity to see more, with the goal that we may fear less." Her heritage keeps on motivating ladies and young ladies in STEM today.

Chien-Shiung Wu, Physicist:
Wu was the main researcher to affirm — and later refine — Enrico Fermi's hypothesis of radioactive beta rot. She is additionally known for her "Wu to analyze," which toppled the hypothesis of equality in material science. This advancement prompted a Nobel Prize that was granted to her male partners, with Wu's basic function in the work neglected.

Vera Rubin, Astronomer:
Rubin found the presence of a dim issue, the unusual magic that binds our universe. Her commitment is viewed as one of the main disclosures of the twentieth century — work many feel ought to have been granted a Nobel Prize.

Rosalind Franklin, Chemist:
Franklin is known for her progressive work in finding the twofold helix structure of DNA. She spent away four years before her male partners were granted the Nobel Prize in 1962. Some accept that regardless of whether Franklin had lived, she probably would have been censured by the panel.

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History of Black Friday Every Student Should Know

History of Black Friday
Why is Black Friday so famous? The short answer is on the grounds that it's the customary opening shot day for the Christmas shopping season. Verifiably, it's likewise been the greatest day to discover extraordinary arrangements on the year's most blazing toys, games, and hardware. According to a dissertation writing service, you don't need to look any farther than our Black Friday shopping guide, which incorporates the best Black Friday bargains every year, to perceive any reason why.

History of Black Friday:
To comprehend where Black Friday came from, it assists with putting it in the more extensive setting of the advanced Christmas shopping season.

Starting points of the Holiday Shopping Season:
Occasion blessing allowing is a centuries-old convention, yet the Christmas shopping season is a lot of a production of twentieth century customer culture.

A Parade of Sponsors:
You've known about the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade held each Thanksgiving morning in New York City. That victory occasion, watched and went to by millions around the United States, is simply the most popular of a gaggle of Thanksgiving weekend marches. In their mid-twentieth century prime, these motorcades attracted swarms most significant urban areas and a lot of more modest towns as well. Like the Macy's motorcade, many were supported by nearby or public retailers. Some time ago, that implied generally retail establishments. The intention was clear: By connecting their names to the most noticeable occasions on the preholiday schedule, retail chains reminded their crowds that they were just getting started in the coming Christmas shopping season. Over the long run, Thanksgiving marches came to stamp the informal beginning of that season.

Fixing the Holiday Shopping Calendar:
At the point when President Abraham Lincoln gave the declaration setting up Thanksgiving in 1863, he announced the occasion would fall on the last Thursday of November. Also, it did until 1939 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt marked a leader request to move Thanksgiving to the fourth Thursday of November. Congress passed enactment to roll out the improvement official in 1941. For what reason did Roosevelt move Thanksgiving multi week sooner, and for what reason did Congress submit to the change? Since a ground-breaking alliance of retailers and other business intrigues asked them to.

At this point, the Christmas shopping season was inseparable from the period among Thanksgiving and Christmas. When Thanksgiving fell on November 30, as it did in 1939, that left just 24 seasonal shopping days – and at times less, the same number of stores shut on Sundays in those days. Normally, this stressed retailers and retail-adjoining organizations, who contemplated that bustling occasion customers would basically shop less in a more limited season.

Their pitch to Roosevelt was more populist: A more drawn-out Christmas shopping season would be useful for the American economy. That sounds questionable, yet recollect that the United States was all the while battling to shake off the delayed consequences of the Great Depression back in the last part of the 1930s. Whatever the thought's financial benefits, Roosevelt was sold, and the day that would later be known as Black Friday denoted the official beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

Who Said "The Shopping Extravaganza Following Thanksgiving" First?
The expression "The day after Thanksgiving" originates before internet business, rural shopping centers, and even downtown area retail chains. Truth be told, as per The History Channel, the primary recorded utilization of the expression "The day after Thanksgiving" had nothing to do with seasonal shopping. In 1869, two deceitful oligarchs contrived to corner the American gold market, which was around then the reason for the U.S. dollar. Their plan was so intricate and sweeping that individuals from then-president Ulysses S. Award's family were embroiled.

The plot at long last unwound on Friday, September 24, sending U.S. monetary business sectors into a spiral, destroying innumerable financial specialists, and failing the more extensive economy. That dull day came to be known as "The shopping extravaganza following Thanksgiving." Almost a century would pass before "The day after Thanksgiving" procured its current implication. It's for some time been held that retailers took to calling the day in the wake of Thanksgiving "The day after Thanksgiving" since its substantial shopping volumes constantly pushed their financials "into the dark" for the year. This bodes well, yet it's not upheld by the proof.

The shopping extravaganza following Thanksgiving's Evolution Over the Years:
The shopping extravaganza following Thanksgiving is definitely not a static occasion. Its development reflects financial movements that have on a very basic level modified the texture of American culture.

The Department Store Model: Holiday Shopping in the Early to Mid-twentieth Century:
At the point when Roosevelt and Congress moved Thanksgiving back seven days, Christmas shopping was a pretty clear undertaking. Physical retailers grouped in downtown areas, regularly in minimal retail locale or expansive business roads. More modest urban areas and towns had little – yet dynamic – shopping regions where local people could get the greater part of what they required for these special seasons. To get extravagance and forte things, people who lived out in the sticks needed to make a trip to the closest enormous city or use mail-request shopping indexes, the forerunners of online retail. For a period, you could purchase practically any durable thing you needed in the Sears and Roebuck index, including pre-assembled houses.

Huge city shopping locale were secured by retail establishments – immense, multistory sanctuaries to trade. Retail establishments sold dress, beautifiers, gems, home products, machines, and substantially more. With a solitary visit to a retail chain and a couple of side outings to strength retailers, you could deal with your whole seasonal shopping list in a solitary day. The day in the wake of Thanksgiving was a characteristic time for customers to head into town and hit the retail chain. Most families were still attached from the earlier day's dining experience, and few working class people were needed to work.

During retail establishments' prime in the mid twentieth century, the business was profoundly confined. At a certain point, Alabama alone had around twelve local retail chains. To tempt customers out of their turkey-actuated sleep, each store ran its own post-Thanksgiving advancements. Indeed, even before it got its name, Black Friday was a day for bargains.

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Benefits of Daily Morning Exercise for Students

Daily Morning Exercise
With regards to exercise, the best season of day to get in an exercise meeting is one that you can do reliably. Everybody is different. The opportune time relies upon factors like your inclination, lifestyle, and body. While there is certainly not a one-size-fits-all answer, morning exercises do have a few advantages. If you're wavering about beginning a morning exercise schedule, think about the accompanying advantages. Morning exercises ordinarily mean you're less inclined to interruptions. In the mid-year, working out toward the beginning of the day will feel better, as the most sweltering portion of the day is 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. If you favour outside exercises, it's ideal to work out in the early morning, particularly on sweltering days. If you have a solid circadian musicality, your body may be more prepared to exercise right now. Normal exercise is magnificent for boosting energy and diminishing weariness. Research by a dissertation help firm shows that by exercising early, you may feel more empowered for the day.

Actual movement additionally improves focus and fixation, paying little mind to when you do it. However, if you experience difficulty focusing during the day, a morning exercise may be only the ticket. The actual action is a characteristic solution for stress. During exercise, your cerebrum makes more endorphins, the vibe great synapses behind a sprinter's high. It likewise serves as an interruption from restless contemplations. Morning exercise is an incredible method to begin the day on a positive note. You'll additionally feel a feeling of achievement, giving you an idealistic standpoint for the afternoon. All in all, exercise manages your craving by lessening ghrelin, the yearning hormone. It additionally expands satiety hormones, similar to peptide YY and glucagon-like peptide-1. Be that as it may, working out in the first part of the day may control your hunger considerably further. Morning exercises may improve how your cerebrum reacts to food prompts.

The advantages of early exercise don't stop toward the beginning of the day. If you're attempting to carry on with a more dynamic lifestyle, morning exercise may assist. The actual action is a significant piece of overseeing type 1 diabetes (T1DM). Yet, for individuals with T1DM, it very well may be trying to work out. The specialists figure cortisol might be influencing everything. Besides expanding sharpness, cortisol likewise assists control with blooding sugar. The actual action is probably the most ideal approach to normally control hypertension. Be that as it may, as per study distributed in exercising in the first part of the day might be the best move. The examination showed that grown-ups improved rest when they exercised at 7 a.m.. Exercising outside toward the beginning of the day offers considerably more rest related advantages. Light presentation promptly in the day may help increment melatonin levels around evening time. 

While working out before breakfast has a few advantages, it's critical to settle your glucose before exercise. Something else, your body will struggle to control through your exercise. Before morning exercise, eat a quick bite rich in carbs and protein. These supplements will give energy and prime your muscles for exercise. Ideal pre-exercise suppers incorporate banana and nutty spread, oats with almond milk and berries, or Greek yogurt with apples. You may need to examine to perceive what time turns out best for you. After exercise, you'll have to recharge your body's carb and protein stores. Inside 15 minutes of exercising, appreciate a post-exercise dinner, similar to a turkey sandwich with entire grain bread and vegetables or smoothie with protein powder and natural product or Greek yogurt with berries.

By and large, working out toward the beginning of the day is better because it's simpler to focus on and complete before the day's duties disrupt the general flow. It very well may be difficult to track down inspiration or time to exercise. In any case, this isn't to imply that night exercises don't have benefits. Potential points of interest include:
  • Higher internal heat level. Your internal heat level is most noteworthy at around 4 to 5 PM. This is ideal because your muscles are already heated up.
  • Increased quality and perseverance
  • More exercise pals. It could be simpler to discover exercise accomplices later in the day.
  • Stress alleviation. Following a difficult day, exercise can assist you with loosening up and de-stress.
Likewise, different occasions of the day might be best for different kinds of exercise. For instance, an extraordinary turn class might be ideal toward the beginning of the day, while a loosening up yoga routine may be more down to earth around evening time. It's in every case best to exercise at the hour of the day that turns out best for you. Steady exercise any season of the day is superior to conflicting morning exercises. 

With time and persistence, you can begin your morning exercise schedule. Rest soundly. A decent night's rest is fundamental for getting up right on time. Gradually change your exercise time. Set up your exercise gear. Before hitting the sack, set out your workout clothes, tennis shoes, and other exercise necessities. Make breakfast ahead of time. Set up an invigorating pre-exercise dinner the prior night. Meet an exercise mate. Do exercise you appreciate. Attempt new exercises and see what you like most.

If you're hoping to begin a wellness schedule, think about morning exercises. Early exercise will assist you in beginning the day with more energy, focus, and good faith. Also, after a morning exercise, you're almost certain to eat well and state the dynamic for the day. Regardless of these advantages, there is anything but a "right" an ideal opportunity to exercise. The best time is one that you can stay with for the long haul.

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How To Prepare Presentation For Dissertation Defense

How To Prepare Dissertation Presentation
You have spent hours on research, writing, and editing and uncountable weeks and months, and finally, you are done with the dissertation. It is your grand project, the masterpiece that is supposed to take you on the path to success and convince everyone that you deserve the degree for which you have been working so hard. But this is not so easy; to convince the university that you have indeed worked the best way on your dissertation and deserve the best grades, there is one final obstacle before you could move forward.

It is the dissertation defense for which you need to prepare very wisely and smartly by hiring a dissertation writing service as this is the stage where you can show the critics what you have done, how well it has been done, and why they should give you a thumbs up for all your efforts. You must understand that no university will grant a degree just because you wrote a research project; you will also have to defend it in front of committee members and an audience, which is by no means an easy task. Most of the students break in sweat and do not want to do it as it is no easy job to explain what you have done, why, and describe in detail their work.

Feeling overwhelmed is natural, but you cannot let fear or anxiety prevent you from success. You have come a long way, and nothing should stand in your way, not even your fears. By preparing well and exuding confidence, you can do it and get ready to present the dissertation defense to the committee members. This article is a guide for students as it provides them some great tips on how they can prepare a presentation for dissertation defense and what they need to do it really well and impress the committee members with their talent and skills:

Attend dissertation defense presentations to get a clear idea of what goes on and how to prepare your defense. Check out the schedule of open dissertation presentations at your university as well as in other universities too, and show up in the audience. When you see something defending their dissertation, you will realize it is nothing to be scared about, and you will learn so many things about what to do and how and why it is so important. It is not just about the candidate or the committee; it is about the academic community and the contributions that this project makes for it. Being a part of someone else’s defense will prepare you mentally for the process, and you will know how to prepare, how to talk, and how to behave for good results.

Take your time to prepare the presentation so that you can think well and do the best. Do not try to do this in a hurry as you might end up making mistakes that can cost you all the hard work and efforts you have put into writing the dissertation. Do not panic as this is nothing but stress making you feel anxious. You are the one who has worked on the dissertation and know every single detail about; all you need to do is prepare a defense on a PowerPoint presentation. Make sure you have ample time to do things right and go over them so that everything is perfect and well-polished to be presented to the committee.

The practice is important when you are presenting the defense for the first time; you must go through with how you will speak, how you will introduce the dissertation to the committee members. You will have to learn to control anxiety and fear of speaking in public as your confidence also matters a lot. Practice breathing techniques so that you do not run out of breath when you talk at length, do not lose confidence, and maintain your posture during the defense. Body language also plays a key role in your success, so make sure you are ready for everything and dress accordingly to impress.

Make high-quality slides as they are the foundation of a great defense. The slides should be attractive enough to keep the committee members engaged and interested in what is going on. The presentation should be thorough and accurate, the key points summarized and explanations and data accurate and easy to understand. The slides should be structured very well with only relevant content and have a sleek and serious design, considering the nature of the presentation. After working so hard for your degree, make sure to get ready for defense most confidently. This is the last step that will take you closer to your degree and future success.

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Seven Alternatives For The Very Old Powerpoint For Presentation Making

Seven Alternatives of Powerpoint
So have you decided to ditch Powerpoint and you feel bad about it? It was about time you did that. Powerpoint is old and very limited and we have the best presentation making software list sorted out for you while you are at it. Make your presentations fun, useful and meaningful with the help of one of these softwares and you can thank us later, and no, we are not asking you to buy anything out of these, they are absolutely free, or we think.

  • LibreOffice: What makes LibreOffice a better alternative to Powerpoint is, it is easy to use interface. It is great for personal use, you can’t, of course, replace it professionally with Powerpoint but think about it, it is better, faster and comparatively new. They keep on working on making it better and the latest update starts up faster and is smoother to work with. Presentation making with LibreOffice is fun and this software is absolutely free.
  • Visme: This one you have you buy but it is totally worth the money. If you have to make presentations every now and then, Visme is your friend. It is user friendly, created best presentations with hundreds and hundreds of free stuff within, HD backgrounds, texts, vectors and drag and drop file based work mode, it is packed with everything someone may need for powerful presentation making.
  • Haiku Deck: You must have heard of Haiku Deck, but may not have used it. This software is available for Ipad, Macbook, PC and Chromebook. It has direct access to millions of stock photos and the software itself is a great alternative for Powerpoint. The presentations can be exported to Powerpoint, keynote, PDF whatever you like.
  • Projeqt: Great presentation making software, it enables you to directly add Twitter feeds, Vimeo videos or videos from Youtube into your presentation. Add interactive flipcharts and maps and play around with it, make an awesome live story-driven presentation. It is free and you can use it on any device. The presentations made on Projeqt can be shared and imported.
  • Zoho: Zoho enables users to create presentations anytime anywhere on any device with internet. Although it has limited customization, but it enables you to work fast and create a presentation on the go, adds animations and is not very difficult to use. It is best for students for presentation making. You can take live responses on the presentation and broadcast it anywhere. It also enables you to add Twitter feed and very pretty looking animations to your presentation making.
  • Google Slides: You may have considered using Google presentation years back; well they renamed it to Google Slides. It is best for people who need to make great and quick presentations every now and then and it has been very helpful for years now. It is absolutely free and works just like Google docs, Google drive and all.
  • SlideDog: A modern way to create presentations for people who find PowerPoint traditional and complicated or simply boring and old, SlideDog is easy to use!

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